Please say something, even though it is a lie — W OST Part.2

You can download the piano sheet in the link below.

I’m a girl who loves to play the piano (´∀`)
I hope I can rearrange the music I love into piano version,
and share the sheets and video to everyone(・ω・)ノ


Making sheets is a very time-consuming thing,
but 95% of NickeyPiano’s sheets is free.
There are only one to two sheets required to pay each month.


You can sponsor NickeyPiano through buying this sheet.
Each of your feedback and support are my motivation to keep working hard.
Thank you very much !

Preview the sheet 預覽樂譜

8 thoughts on “Please say something, even though it is a lie — W OST Part.2

  1. Joyce

    Can you make a tutorial cover of 너를 위해 -보보경심려ost ? Thank you

    1. NickeyPiano

      OH, I love that song!
      I’m a little busy recently, but I’ll make the cover of it:D
      Thank you^^

    1. NickeyPiano


  2. annisya

    I hope you make tutorial piano cover of BASICK X INKII – Your Fantasy (In The Illusion) from W ost. Keep up the good work! 😉

    1. NickeyPiano

      Sure, I’ll upload the tutorial next week:D
      Thank you^^

  3. maya

    I realy like you work… i will subcribe u n waithing another project of u..thanks u..i will lern piano harder 😬😬😬

    1. NickeyPiano

      Thank you !! Cheer for you!!:D

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